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Buy Full Spikes Cricket Shoes for Men

Buy Full Spikes Cricket Shoes For Men

What Makes a Good Pair of Full Spikes Cricket Shoes For Men?

A good pair of full spikes cricket shoes for men can make all the difference in your performance. Playing cricket is a fun and enjoyable sport, and having the right gear is essential. These shoes provide both comfort and stability, allowing you to move around freely on the field. They also provide better grip when running or turning quickly. With the right pair of shoes, you can be sure to have an enjoyable game of cricket every time.

Different Types of Full Spikes Cricket Shoes & Their Benefits

Cricket is a sport that requires players to be agile and quick on their feet. Having the right pair of cricket shoes can make all the difference in your performance on the field. That’s designed to provide maximum support and comfort to help you stay in control of your game. These shoes feature reinforced ankle support for extra stability and full-length spikes for better grip on the ground. With a comfort fit, these shoes will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your game.

The Best Brands for Quality Full Spikes Cricket Shoes for Men

Finding the right cricket shoes for men can be a daunting task. With so many brands offering different types of cricket shoes, it is difficult to decide which one is the best. To help you out, we have listed the best brands for quality cricket shoes for men that offer comfort fit spikes and superior quality. We have taken into consideration factors such as design, material used, support and cushioning, durability and price to give you an idea of what to look out for when purchasing a pair of cricket shoes.

How to Choose the Perfect Fit of Full Spikes Cricket Shoes?

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a daunting task. It is important to get the right fit so that you can play comfortably and perform at your best. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting a pair of cricket shoes. We will discuss how to measure your foot size before choosing a pair, as well as provide tips on which full spike shoe size guide is best for you. With this knowledge, you can find the perfect fit for your feet and enjoy playing cricket with confidence!

Where to Buy the Best Quality Full Spikes Cricket Shoes at an Affordable Price?

Are you looking for the best quality cricket shoes online in India at an affordable price? If so, you are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss where to buy full spike cricket shoes online in India and how to find the best deals. We will also provide tips on how to get the highest quality of cricket shoes at an affordable price. So, if you are a cricket enthusiast looking for the perfect pair, read on!

Buy Cricket Shoes for Men - What You Need to Know

What are Full Spikes Cricket Shoes and Why Should Men Choose Them?

Are you looking for the perfect cricket shoes for men? It’s a great option for all players - from beginners to professionals. Not only do they provide superior grip and traction on the field, but they also offer superior comfort and support. In this article, we'll discuss why these are the ideal choice for men's cricket footwear and how you can buy them online.

What Makes Full Spikes Cricket Shoes Special & Essential for Men?

Cricket shoes are designed to provide a lightweight and comfortable experience for the players. They come with full spike technology that provides enhanced grip and stability for the players. This helps them to move quickly and perform better on the field. The full spike design also helps in providing better traction on different surfaces, making them an essential part of any cricket player’s equipment.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Full Spikes Cricket Shoes in the Market

Finding the right cricket shoes can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many different brands and styles to choose from. It is important to select the right pair of shoes that will provide you with good support and traction while playing cricket. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the best cricket shoes in the market and what makes them stand out from other brands. We will also provide information on some of the popular brands of cricket shoes for men so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next pair.

How to Choose the Right Size & Fit When Shopping for Full Spikes Cricket Shoes for Men?

Shopping for the right size and fit of cricket shoes is essential for a comfortable playing experience. It is important to choose the right size and fit for men in order to ensure that you are able to perform your best on the field. We will discuss the key factors to consider when selecting a pair of shoes for men, such as size guide, design, material and price. We will also provide advice on how to choose the right size and fit based on your foot shape and size. With this information, you can make an informed decision while shopping for full spikes cricket shoes for men.  

Buy Cricket Spikes Shoes Online & Why It’s Important

Buy Cricket Spikes Shoes Online & Why It’s Important

Buy Cricket Spikes Shoes Online & Why It’s Important

Why Everyone Needs to Start Buying Cricket Spikes Shoes Online

Why Everyone Needs to Start Buying Cricket Spikes Shoes Online

Cricket is a very popular sport in many countries around the world. Cricket shoes are essential to the game and they need to be replaced often. Buying them online can save a lot of time as well as money.

Cricket shoes are expensive, but when you buy them online, you can save a lot of money. Also, it takes less time to purchase cricket spikes shoes online than it does at a physical store.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Cricket Spikes Shoes Online?

Online shopping for shoes has become a trend in the recent years. It is not just about buying products at discounted rates, but also saving time and effort.

There are many benefits of buying cricket spikes shoes online. You can browse through different brands, designs, and prices to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. Besides that, you can also compare prices with other online shopping sites to find the best deal.

How Can I Find a Quality Cricket Shoes Product?

Cricket is a game that has been played for centuries. It is a sport that is played all over the world and can be found in many different countries. Cricket shoes are an important part of the game because they provide protection to the feet and ankles from injuries.

In order to find a quality cricket shoe, it is important to know what you are looking for in the product. Buying a cricket shoe online can be difficult because there are so many products available on the market today. It is important to know your size before you buy any product, as well as any other preferences that you might have such as color or style of shoe.

Top Cricket Shoes Brands You Should Be Buying This Season

Choosing the right cricket shoes is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of factors like the type of surface you will mostly be playing on, your shoe size, and your budget.

Here are some of the best brands that you should be buying this season.

Theballs: Theballs has been around since 2010 and is one of the most popular brands in the world. They have a wide range of cricket shoes that are suitable for various surfaces. Nike's cricket shoes are also available in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

Adidas: Adidas has been around for more than 60 years and is one of the most popular brands in India as well as all over the world. They have a wide range of cricket shoes that come with Adidas' signature 3 stripes on them

Why You Should Never Buy Cricket Shoes in Stores

Cricket shoes are not made for use in stores. The rubber on the soles of the shoes is too thin and will wear out quickly when used on concrete, tile, or hardwood floors. This makes them a bad choice for shoppers who are looking for shoes to wear while they walk around the store.

The rubber on the soles of cricket shoes is too thin to stand up to regular wear and tear in a store environment. When you are looking for a pair of comfortable walking shoes, try on some that have thicker soles.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Spikes Shoes for Your Purposes

Choosing the best cricket spikes shoes for your purposes can be a difficult task. There are so many different brands and models to choose from. In order to make this process easier, it is important to understand what type of cricket spikes you need first. This will help narrow down your options significantly.

The most popular cricket spike shoes are made out of rubber and plastic material, but there are also spikes made out of metal or hard plastic that offer more traction and durability when playing on artificial turf or grass surfaces. These metal or hard plastic spikes tend to be heavier than the rubber and plastic versions, which can be an issue if you want lightweight shoes for running in the field.

Online Shopping for Cricket Spikes Shoes is the New Way to Shop For Your Sportswear Needs

Online shopping has become the new way to shop for your sports needs. The online stores are constantly in competition with each other and they offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The online stores have a lot of advantages over the traditional brick and mortar store. The price is one of the major advantages that an online store offers. You can find some really good deals on cricket spikes shoes from some of these stores.

When Should You Throw Away your Cricket Spikes? How to Buy New Ones & Why It’s Important!

This article discusses the importance of replacing your cricket spikes and why it is necessary to buy new ones.

One of the most important things that you need to do when playing cricket is taking care of your spikes. You can't just play with them until they break. There are many reasons why you need to change your spikes, such as if they are too worn out or if they are not the right size for you.

The article also talks about how often you should replace your spikes, which is based on how often you play and how much wear and tear there has been on them.

How Many Types of Spikes in Cricket Shoes

How Many Types of Spikes in Cricket Shoes?

How Many Types of Spikes in Cricket Shoes?

The Different Types of Spikes Used in Cricket Shoes

The different types of spikes used in cricket shoes are: - Knife Spikes: These are the most common type of spikes used in cricket. These are made from steel and they have a triangular shape. They provide good grip on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. - Split Spikes: This is a variant of knife spike that is made up of two pieces which allow it to be more flexible for use on softer surfaces such as grass. - Studs or Cleats: These are often seen in football shoes, but can also be found in some cricket shoes. They provide maximum traction on all surfaces, but they can wear down the ground and damage it over time. - Screw In Spikes: These are screws that can be fitted into the shoe to provide traction

Different Kinds of  Spikes in Cricket Shoes

There are different kind of spikes in Cricket shoes. Cricket shoes are a necessity for any cricket player. They are the only footwear that is use on the pitch and are design to give you grip when batting, bowling and fielding.

There are three types of spikes in cricket: metal spikes, plastic spikes and rubber spikes. Metal spikes provide good traction but can be dangerous for people who wear them because they can cause injury or damage to the surface of the pitch when they fall off. Plastic spikes provide less traction than metal spikes but they don't harm the pitch when they fall off. Rubber spikes provide little or no traction but rubber is safer for players to wear because it doesn't damage the surface of the pitch when it falls off.

Primary Differences between Spike Types in Cricket Shoes

Spike types are used to provide traction and stability when playing cricket. There are two types of spikes - low-end and high-end.

Low-end spikes: These spikes have a wide base and can be used for any surface. They are perfect for beginners who don't know the difference between different spike types or surfaces.

High-end spikes: These are thinner than low-end spikes and they have a sharper tip which is perfect to give you more traction on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

What's the Difference Between Spikeless and Cricket Shoes with Spikes?

What is a Cricket Shoe?

A cricket shoe is a type of shoe that is worn by cricketers when they play the game. It has spikes on the bottom of it so that the player can grip and control the ball while playing.

The spikes in a cricket shoe are usually make of metal or plastic. The difference between spiked and spiked shoes is that spikes are usually only on one side of a cricket shoe while spiked shoes have them on both sides.

Types of Spikes in Cricket Shoes

The spikes on a cricket shoe use to help players grip the ground and provide traction. They also protect the bottom of the shoe from wear and tear.

There are three main types of spikes that are commonly use in cricket shoes: metal, plastic, and rubber. Metal spikes are sharp and can puncture other player's shoes. Rubber spikes have a softer surface so they don't injure other player's feet as easily. Plastic spikes have a very hard surface so they can last for a long time without wearing down like rubber or metal spikes do.

What to Know About Spikes Cricket Shoes Before You Buy Them

Spikes Cricket shoes are a type of shoe that is popular in some parts of the world but not as popular in other parts. There are many types of cricket shoes that you can buy, but before you make your purchase, there are some things that you should know about them.

The first thing that you should know about these shoes is their purpose. Cricket shoes create to wear by people who play cricket and they are design to be worn on the field. They provide comfort and grip for the wearer so they can move quickly on the field and have traction so they don't slip or fall.

Another thing to know about these shoes is what size to get them in. It's important for you to measure your feet correctly before purchasing a pair of spikes cricket shoes because getting an incorrect size.

Top 5 Reasons Why Full Spikes Cricket Shoes are the Best Cricket Shoe to Buy

Top 5 Reasons Why Full Spikes Cricket Shoes are the Best Cricket Shoe to Buy

What is a Full Spikes Cricket Shoes? A Brief History of the Brand

Full Spikes Cricket Shoes is a British brand of cricket shoes. It was originally established in 1847 and has been producing cricket shoes ever since.

Full Spikes Cricket Shoes is one of the oldest brands in the world. It was founded in 1847 by William Ward, who left his job as a coachman to start making shoes for cricketers. He was an avid cricket player himself and loved to watch his son play the game.

Why Full Spikes are the best for You

Cricket is a sport that requires a lot of movement. It is not very easy to run in cricket shoes, which have spikes on the front and back. This makes it difficult for the players to move around quickly and avoid the ball.

The best cricket shoe brand for you would be a full spike cricket shoe, as this type of shoe provides maximum support and protection from injuries. And since these shoes are designed for elite athletes, they are also extremely comfortable to wear.

How to Find Your Perfect Size of Full Spike Cricket Shoes

Finding the perfect size of cricket shoes is a difficult task for most people. This is because the size chart for full spikes can be overwhelming.

The best way to find your perfect size of cricket shoes is by finding out what factors are most important to you when buying a pair of cricket shoes. The first factor that should always be considered, is how you will use them. If you are looking for a pair of shoes to play in, then it would be important to know if they have laces or Velcro straps so that they are comfortable and easy to wear and take off. If you plan on playing in the rain, then it would be important to know if they have waterproofing features and whether or not they come with spikes or not.

The Top 5 Features That make Full Spikes cricketers shoes Extraordinary

The stylish and comfortable design of full spike cricket shoes is what makes them the best for cricketers. These shoes have been made with extra features that make the game of cricket more interesting and exciting.

The first feature is the unique design that has a perfect fit for cricketers. The spikes on the shoe are designed to provide maximum traction on the ground while providing comfort at the same time. The spikes also offer an unmatched performance on grass, turf and artificial wickets.

The second feature is that these shoes have been designed in such a way that they can be used by both right-handed and left-handed cricketers. This makes it easier for players to switch between their bats without any hassle while they play cricket.

These shoes have been designed keeping in mind all weather conditions.

Never Worry About Your Footwear Again with these Top-Notch Designer Cricket Shoes

These shoes are designed by the world-famous designer and are made with the best quality materials.

This is a perfect pair of shoes for the sports enthusiasts who want to feel comfortable while playing their favorite sport. These shoes come in different colors, so you can choose your favorite one.

These shoes come with a lot of features that make them easy to wear and use. They have a soft inner lining, which makes it comfortable to wear while running or playing cricket. The soles are also very durable and can easily withstand any type of terrain on which you play your sport.

How Cricket Shoes Are Revitalizing the Game of Cricket & Replacing Traditional Batting Equipment

The History of Cricket Batting Equipment

Cricket has been around since the 17th century. The sport is played by two teams, each consisting of eleven players on a cricket field which is divided into three sections.

The history of cricket batting equipment is a long and interesting one. From the earliest days, batsmen have used various types of sticks to hit balls with, and in 1844, the first rubber ball was created for the sport.

From then on, bat manufacturers have experimented with new materials such as plastic and aluminium to create bats that are lighter in weight and more durable than traditional ones.

How Cricket Shoes Are Revolutionizing the Game of Cricket

Cricket shoes are a revolutionizing the game of cricket. They have made the game more interesting and faster.

The use of cricket shoes has been a significant addition to the game. It is because they provide an advantage to players in terms of traction and speed. They were also designed in a way that they can be used by all age groups and sizes.

Cricket shoes are now being used as a marketing tool for brands as well.

5 Reasons Why Current Assistant are Losing to Newer, More Innovative Technology in Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a huge following and a lot of people who love to watch this game. There are many reasons why cricket is so popular. But what makes it special is that people can watch it live on TV or online. One such reason that contributes to its popularity is the live commentary and analysis from experts during the match.

But, with technological advancements, this traditional way of watching cricket has been replaced by newer, more innovative ways of watching cricket - for example, through video streaming services like Hotstar or YouTube TV.

There are many reasons why assistant are losing to newer, more innovative technology in Cricket:

* They have become too expensive for most people to afford

* The quality of their services have become mediocre

Cricket Shoes for Men

5 Essential Characteristics of TheBalls Cricket Shoes for Men

5 Essential Characteristics of TheBalls Cricket shoes for Men

Shoes are the most important part of a cricketer’s attire. When it comes to finding the perfect cricket shoe, certain traits are essential in reducing the risk of injury and maximizing the effectiveness of your game. Aside from the immediate discomfort, improper footwear leads to the knee, hip, lower back, muscle, or ligament injuries and puts your bottom line at risk.

Here are the 5 essential characteristics of  good Cricket Shoes for Men.


To optimize the durability of your shoes and the good health of your joints, you must choose a sole that allows better control of impacts and a good distribution of forces. It is also important that your shoe fits firmly to your foot to optimize your stability and movement.


During your fitness session, you will have to perform multiple movements in several directions. To be able to change position as quickly as possible and stay in the action, you need a cricket shoe that supports and follows the natural movement of your feet. The Balls cricket shoes offer a flexible and high-quality sole. There is also a mid sole for lightweight, cushioning comfort. It offers increased freedom of movement which allows rapid changes of direction and good stability during the game, without the risk of slipping.


Cushioning defines the shoe's ability to absorb shock to the foot. This is important to ensure landings after jumps or perform exercises. Whose impact can place on the forefoot (lunge or step for example).


Beyond stability, flexibility, cushioning, your shoes should also be comfortable. Prefer TheBalls shoes that adapt to the shape, size, and width of your feet (especially at the toes). It is important to feel good in your shoes so that you can wear them easily and almost forget about them!

Lightness and Breathability

These are two factors that will affect your comfort, your performance, and also the durability of your shoes. The lightness of your shoes is a fundamental criterion for making the most of your sessions, not feeling weighed down, and optimizing your various movements (especially jumps, etc.) without being handicapped! Your feet must therefore be lightened as much as possible to benefit your performance. Hygiene is an important point during your sports sessions. Your feet breathe and therefore sweat. Thus, your shoes must be well ventilated, at the risk of having to replace them after a few weeks or of suffering from various not very irritating ailments.


Getting the right cricket shoes for men is essential to get the most out of your training. If you know what criteria to take into account for a pair of athletic shoes, it will be much easier for you to find the perfect pair. TheBalls cricket shoes for men are ideal for the cricketer in you. Assert yourself with 651 Spikes Shoes and dictate your own rules of the game.

Shop For Perfect Pair of The Balls Spikes
Shop For Perfect Pair of The Balls Spikes

Shop For Perfect Pair of The Balls Spikes

Shop For Perfect Pair of The Balls Spikes

Well, this article will kick off a series of things to know when shopping for your first shop for perfect pair. And also, why cricket players of all skill levels can benefit from playing / training in them. We will also show you how you can use spikes in your weekly workouts.

What are Full Spikes Cricket Shoes?

To begin with, let's define what we call "spikes" in this material to avoid problems with understanding.

Studded shoes are usually as lightweight as possible, snug fit, set on a durable rubber or plastic outsole, and fitted with 1⁄4 - 1⁄2 "studs" made of metal. The spikes are screwed into the holes provided for them in the base of the shoe. The difference in sole height of most studs is close to one level. And if someone measure the spike drop, a negative drop would be found. This means that the front of the shoe runs under the heel plate.

The sole is usually of a small thickness, the length of the pimples is slightly shorter. Cushioning is reduce to carry the cricket player from start to finish line in the least amount of time.

651 Full Spikes Cricket Shoes with metal studs:

They produce in various modifications - with metal spikes throughout the sole. The advantage of these shoes is that they do not slip-on dirt, rock, and grass surfaces. Cricket players competing in various types of terrain prefer to purchase such shoes because they provide a high degree of reliability and safety. It is no coincidence that full spikes and half spikes on the outsole are popular among cricket players.

The main advantages of Spikes:

  1. excellent grip on the ground;
  2. metal spikes provide reliable support when running on wet roots and logs;
  3. minimalistic materials of the upper practically do not absorb moisture, without making the shoes heavier after overcoming the fords;
  4. the flexible sole allows you to quickly run "off the feet" and feel the surface;
  5. the low weight of the models, even with metal spikes.

TheBalls cricket shoes are specialized shoe models designed primarily for cricket players. The metal spikes on the outsole are embed in the tread pattern of the outsole so that when the foot is set on the ground, they touch the road surface at the same time as the rubber spikes or tread ridges. This provides a combination of soft foot placement without metal grinding on the asphalt and a reliable grip on slippery surfaces and grass.

What spikes do you need?

Now some notes on buying your first pair of spikes. First, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Why am I buying a pair of spikes? How will they use in my workouts/games? What kind of terrain will I be playing over mostly? Do I have injuries that can make worse by wearing studs? You can consult our experts to get answers to your queries at 81980 12277.

It's important to note that those of us no longer in school where the cross and track seasons are well define can use spikes effectively.

However, using spikes wisely in your workouts can be a great way to retrain your lower limb muscles. This will help you cope with greater stress, become stronger, and become more efficient in terms of probation and power. This muscle development, combined with the right workouts, can lead to big breakthroughs in your career as a Cricket player of any level!

Buy TheBalls Cricket Shoes

Buy TheBalls Cricket Shoes

Why Should you Definitely Buy Theballs Cricket Shoes?

Buy Theballs Cricket shoes for the best prices on cricket footwear and cricket equipment. In case you don’t know, cricket appeared at the end of the 16th century. For the first time they heard about this game in the southeast of England. In the 18th century it already became a national sport. In the 19th century, it received global development, which lasted almost the entire 20th century. Cricket is the second most popular sport in England. Despite the fact it has not been able to gain wide popularity in other countries. This is the reason for the difficulties in acquiring specialized equipment for this sport, in particular, shoes, which have a rather confusing history of appearance.

How to find best Buy Cricket Shoes?

The history of cricket shoes is quite complicated. It is impossible to establish exactly when and how it appeared. Either running shoes or cleats always come to the fore.

Many cricket fans find it difficult to find shoes that fit the game. It's really not easy here, even with large sports brands it is not always possible to find something suitable (the range of specialized shoes is rather poor). That is why it is worth choosing an all-purpose Buy Theballs cricket shoes that has all the characteristics you need for cricket.

Pay attention to the following parameters of Buy Theballs Cricket Shoes: 

Studded outsole: Soles with strategically placed standard-size spikes are commonly used. The set may include removable nickel-plated structures, which the wearer himself can equip his shoes with depending on the style of play. Many cricket-shoe models, in addition to the standard rubberized studs, also contain half studs that provide additional grip.

Weight: The weight of the 651 Full Spikes buy cricket shoes is light, which helps the player to move actively throughout the match.

Lining: Good shock absorption is important here because the player will have to move a lot and quickly. In this case, the insole must breathe so that the foot does not sweat or swell too much (this can lead to calluses).

Top of the case: Generally, versatile cricket shoes have a mesh upper that makes the silhouette breathable. Sometimes, in addition, manufacturers equip shoes with synthetic overlays, which increase the stability of the midfoot and, accordingly, comfort when wearing such shoes.

Buying Theballs Cricket Shoes

Theballs Cricket Shoes are the best cricket shoes for a wide range of players. They are designed to be durable, lightweight and provide excellent grip. The Balls Cricket Shoes come in a variety of colors and styles for all types of players.

In the modern era, cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. With this sport gaining popularity globally, more and more people are buying cricket shoes from different brands to play this game. The balls Cricket Shoes have been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of professional cricketers as well as casual players who want to get into the game or improve their skills.

How to Choose Theballs Cricket Shoes For Your Requirements

It is important to choose the best cricket shoes for your requirements. The type of cricket shoes you choose will depend on what you intend to use them for. Cricket shoes for batting and bowling are different in terms of design and features.

Bowlers will want a shoe that provides stability and grip, while batsmen will be looking for a shoe that offers more freedom of movement.

Different Kinds of Cricket Gear and What To Look For While Buying It

Cricket is a popular sport which requires the use of various equipment. Players need to purchase appropriate gear for various occasions.

The most common piece of cricket gear is the bat. The size and weight of the bat depend on the player's height, weight, and level of expertise. Bats with larger heads are used by more experienced players because they offer greater control over the ball and more power when striking it.

The next most important piece of cricket gear is the ball. The type and quality of the ball depend on whether it is a game or practice match, as well as what kind of pitch will be used (hard or soft). Balls that are made to be used in practice matches are softer than those used in games because they do not need to travel as far and there is less risk that they will break windows or injure someone on contact with them.

What Are Some Durable Buy Cricket Shoes?

Cricket shoes are often expensive. But the good news is that there are some durable, high-quality, and cheap cricket shoes available in the market.

The following list includes a few durable, high-quality, and cheap cricket shoes that you can buy right now.

1) Adidas Mundial Team III

2) Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7

3) Puma King Pro Grip III

4) Adidas Copa Mundial 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe

5) Balls 651 Full Spikes (White & Blue)

6) Balls 651 Full Spikes (White & Red)

Features of TheBalls Perfect Cricket Shoes

Features of TheBalls Perfect Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are indispensable for professional cricketers, so their choice should be more responsibly. So, the upper and sole must be made of soft quality material that meets all hygienic requirements and sewing standards. A dense heel counter will securely hold the foot, and thanks to the high lacing, the ankle joint will receive a rigid fixation. Such cricket shoes will provide comfort during a cricket game, improved foot cushioning, and reliable protection during training from impacts, damage, as well as various weather conditions. Many professional cricket players don’t get enough time to find the ideal pair of cricket shoes because of their busy work schedules. Read on and you will learn about the features, advantages of perfect cricket shoes, how they differ from store models.

651 Full Spikes Shoes are custom-made sports shoes that have undeniable advantages over store-bought models. Exclusivity - such cricket will be made in a single copy. High quality - smooth seams, no defects in work, material. Convenience - exact correspondence to the peculiarities of the owner's foot (size, fullness, volume). Softness, lightness - maximum mitigation of the load on the legs. Wearing comfort - no need to wear a purchased pair. Possibility of choice - color, texture, material, sole, product design. Durability - the handmade model is worn for a long time while maintaining a solid appearance. As you can see, TheBalls cricket shoes are, more comfortable, healthier than shoes from the store, and choosing the right one will help to avoid injuries, increase productivity, and achieve personal records during cricket games. You can receive a free consultation on the choice of a pair of cricket shoes. Get tailor-made shoes just for. We are always waiting for your calls! +918198012277

5 Most Important Features for Perfect Cricket Shoes
5 Most Important Features for Perfect Cricket Shoes

5 Most Important Features for Perfect Cricket Shoes

5 Most Important Features for Perfect Cricket Shoes

Choosing the right cricket shoes is the key to safe, and comfortable play. Especially carefully choosing equipment is worth it for those who are professionals in the field. Doctors, coaches, and professional athletes urge not to save on health. With the help of special cricket shoes, you can reduce the load on the ankle, knees, and spine. The sole of ordinary shoes is often too firm, inflexible. The specially designed shoe has an anatomical shape and reinforced cushioning to help distribute the athlete's weight evenly. The landing will be softer and more comfortable, without sharp blows and the risk of twisting your leg. Lacing keeps the ankle in place for support and stability. Besides, these shoes weigh less, which means it will be easier for you to achieve new results. Shoes must meet many parameters, and to make it easier for you to choose your best Balls 651 Full Spikes shoe, we analyzed the 5 most important factors that will help you choose the model: - shock absorption, - stability, - repulsion, - grip, - size.


Cushioning is most important for professional players who participate in concentrated games. Accordingly, the more you run, the more advanced cushioning system you need.


Stability is the shoe's ability to keep your foot in the most correct position. If you have problems with pronation or supination, you should pay attention to shoes with special technologies that ensure stability.


Repulsion is the ability of a shoe to give extra momentum to the foot through a special sole material or extra inserts in it. This property will not give you a fatigue-free run, but it will help you be a little more efficient.


Depending on where you are running, you need traction. For running on the ground or asphalt, shoes with or without a regular wear-resistant rubber coating on the outsole are suitable. For conditions of very rough terrain, it is better to choose shoes with deeply grooved soles - 5 mm.


Do not forget also about the size of the shoes. It is best to measure your foot (correctly - from heel to the big toe, diagonally) and compare with the description of the sizes. However, if you think that one size will fit you right, and the second is a little large, then the second is worth choosing - the leg tends to increase with loads, which means that having a little free space in the shoe is only useful.

We Take Care of our Customers

Our developments allow us to create high-quality shoes suitable for amateur and professional cricketers. Most of the models are tested in the laboratory and real conditions. TheBalls engineers study the condition of the athlete during training, researching various technologies and materials to find out what kind of shoes you need. If you need advice, feel free to contact our consultants.

Why are Comfortable Shoes Important for Cricket Players?

Why are Comfortable Shoes Important for Cricket Players?

Shoes are an easy way of shuffling your wardrobe. They are also a good indicator of your sense of style and deliver an important fashion statement. But that’s not the case with Sports shoes. Sometimes, sports shoes also bring some discomfort and pain while walking, running or playing sports, say for example while playing cricket. 

A part of wearing uncomfortable cricket shoes includes experiencing a restriction in movement, tiredness, and sore feet. Batsmen over the years have often complained that wearing spikes on the heels of their cricket shoes when batting can often be detrimental to the speed of their footwork.

The best cricket shoes are the ones with spikes for a better grip but do not compromise on your health while wearing them. One must avoid wearing uncomfortable cricket shoes that can have a negative impact on the footwork of the batsman, which plays the most important role in scoring runs.

Here are the 5 most important points that a cricket player should consider before deciding the type of cricket shoes to put on:

1. Choose the Right Cricket Shoes for You

You should realize what your feet are trying to communicate when a sore blister forms at the bottom of your foot. The type of spike shoes that you are wearing probably not suit well for your feet. 

It is best to choose a cricket spike shoe that fits the natural shape of your feet and enhances your footwork, if you are a batsman. Comfortable shoes that do not tighten will prevent frequent foot problems from occurring. When searching for shoes, it's crucial that you give them a test run rather than being sorry in the long run.

2. Comfortable Shoes Help in Maintaining Correct Footwork

Choice regarding the footwear should depend upon the type of surface you will be playing on. Shoes with spikes are good for playing on the soft ground whereas rubber soles are better for hard ground. There are shoes available in the markets with both spikes and rubber soles.

There are also many cricket spike shoes available in the market. Which are loved for their style but are highly tight and uncomfortable. Such tight shoes can have a terrible effect on your footwork and can cause a lot of problems while excessive walking or a mere running on the field. 

While wearing sports shoes which are tight, people complain regarding the pain between their third and fourth toe. Wearing the right kind of cricket shoes can exponentially decrease the risk of getting injure on the field. 

3.Your Feet can Develop Corns

If you are not wearing comfortable cricket shoes, it can lead to the creation of corns at the pressure point of your feet. They are not only painful but also get a form of treatment which can take a long time before it gets cured.

Batsmen usually prefer the shoes having spikes at the front for grip and rubber treaded heels. Bowlers, especially those who bowl fast, have shoes with spikes at the front and back with extra support around the ankle.

Shoes and health are linked to one another and it is important that you do not forget about the relationship. It is better to find a pair of cricket spike shoes that fit and keeps your feet comfortable even while adjusting your footwork, which needs a good presence of mind. 

4.Improved Posture

Uncomfortable cricket shoes can prevent you from walking or running properly in the field forcing the natural position of the foot while playing. If you are wearing comfortable shoes that suits your feet, you can maintain a natural posture without affecting muscles and joints. 

While moving forward in the front foot or backward while playing a short delivery, if the footwear is not light and comfortable, you would not be able to perform well.

Nobody likes to feel uneasy on their feet and it becomes important to pick the right pair of cricket spike shoes for a comfortable posture.

5.Better Circulation

Your feet can swell if you wear cricket shoes that are uncomfortable, resulting in bad circulation, making it difficult to walk. Some shoes provide detachable full and half spikes, which help not only bowlers and fielders, but also batsmen.

Wearing the right kind of shoes will make you feel more comfortable when playing on the field. Finding a pair of spike shoes that can support you in all right places can make a difference.

With so many cricket shoe brands on the market, it can get hard to know from where to start. Before you set your foot in the cricket field, the last thing you want to pick is a pair of spike shoes that aren’t comfortable. Being at ease throughout your play can be a bliss for your feet and your performance. But also on your overall mental and physical health stay well.

Balls provide premium cricket shoes that come with excellent quality spikes which are light enough to keep your footwork as active as possible. The shoes are designed in a manner that they are soft from the inside but tough on the outside. Ranging from cricketing to running shoes, Balls has got all your needs covered. Balls shoes are fully convertible shoes design for high performance. You have the option to convert full spikes to half spikes and half to full with the help of additional soft spikes available with Balls .  So start your sports journey with comfort and choose Balls!

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