TheBalls Cricket Shoes

Professional Cricketers wear special cricket shoes which are purposely built for best performance, sturdier footwork, and more support. TheBalls cricket shoes are tailor-made for cricket players. Our shoes are made of high-quality materials for long durability. We have a wide range of full-spikes, half-spikes, and rubber sole cricket shoes for men.

What is important about cricket shoes?

Professional cricketers always wear cricket shoes with spikes. Spikes are important especially for bowlers to maintain the grip on the surface of the ground.

Do you need special cricket shoes? 

Yes, for the best performance on the cricket ground, you need cricket shoes with flexible soles and high durability. TheBalls cricket shoes give you extra grip and comfort.

What shoes does Virat Kohli wear?

Virat Kohli wears shoes with an EVA midsole which ensures comfort while playing. Just like TheBalls cricket shoes he wears special shoes with Rubber outsole and removable spikes.

Which shoes are best for fast bowlers?

The professional cricketers wear shoes with spikes to maintain a better grip on the playground. We that the game of bowlers involves a lot of running. Therefore, they prefer shoes with full-spikes or half-spikes.

Do TheBalls cricket shoes provide toe protection?

Yes, the toe protection is provided by our cricket shoes as a specific feature. We focus to provide added toe protection so that the player doesn’t feel cumbersome at feet. These features make our shoes a perfect fit for all-rounders.

How do you wash cricket shoes?

It is a very easy process as you just have to soak a clean and soft cloth in warm water with mild detergent or soap. You can also use a brush with soft bristles to scrub the shoes gently.

What cricket shoes do professional cricketers wear? 

Professional cricketers wear shoes with full-spikes, half-spikes, or rubber soles. TheBalls provides a variety of cricket shoes in which you can remove the spikes whenever you want.

Which shoes are best for cricket? 

TheBalls has the best cricket shoes for men

1. 651 Full Spikes (White & Red)                                                 2. 750 FS White Black Yellow
3. Run O Run (Black Blue, Grey Black, Black Yellow)                4. 750 XT White Blue Black
5. Crik Mstrs 333 (White Navy, White Red, White Blue Black)


Anti Bacterial Insole

Antibacterial insole to prevent against fungus.

GelNsol Cushion

GelNsol silicon cushion at the heel, for comfort and long-standing field job.

TPU stabilizer bar

TPU stabilizer bar for arch support and weight balancing.

Flextream Technology

Flextreme technology gives the right bend at the right time at the time of aggressive running, bowling, and batting.

High performance & Easy to clean

High performance easy clean Upper made of high quality microfiber and TPU.

Ultra cushioning and comfort

Thick padded soft tongue for ultra cushioning and comfort.

Foot Support

High end thermoplastic counter on the side wall of the shoe provides good support to the foot at the time of landing.

TBC turbine blade

TBC turbine blade cleats for motion control.

Dual Density EVA

Dual Density EVA midsole for inner foot support.

Full & Half spike

Perfectly designed for fast bowlers, spinner and batsman. Convert your shoe as per your choice.


Y- Guard: Front Long lip is also designed and stitched with high end thread by keeping in mind the high intensity running and to play the Yorker Balls.

Golden Nails

High End Golden nails , again reflects the elegancy and sincerity towards the great game.

Strong Heel Support

Having Very Good And Strong Heel Stiffener To Avoid The Foot Dislocation.

Toe Guard

Front Long lip is also designed and stitched with high end thread by keeping in mind the high intensity running and to play the Yorker Balls.

Branded Laces

Branding on laces is also reflecting the sincerity towards making craftsmanship and good designing.

High Quality Rubber

High quality rubber outsole full of flexibility and required hardness as well.


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