About Us

BALLS is all set to bring the revolution not only in the Indian Sports Footgear Market but also in the international markets. The pivotal point of our business is deep-rooted research that we have put into to bring sport-specific shoes. We are people from the ground and it is our mission to divulge all the knowledge, expertise and experience into the development of performance shoes.



“Nurturing the long lasting relationship with clients and customers by producing top quality performance shoes and providing state of art customer service.”
our mission is to bring revolution is performance shoe domain by chasing the newest technology, Taking care of Comfort & Performance of fellow sportsmen, Building trust & Corporation among Team Members, Sports Professionals, Partners & Associates and Spreading the awareness about Sport, Health, Expert techniques, and Diets.

  • The foundation of our core value system is “Customer Satisfaction”.
  • We highly value our clients and customers.
  • BALLS strength is its people.
  • We are driven by the quality and satisfaction.
  • Learning and innovation stands us apart.

The Balls has professionally managed a highly structured company, exhibits trustworthy leadership, Seriousness to Sports and Social responsibility. We are here to showcase and makeshift of sports shoe arena, we believe in bringing the best technology and groundbreaking research to create world-class performance shoes for every sportsman professional or amateur.


“Follow the path of Research, Innovation, and invention to rise up high to stand shoulder to shoulder with global players in the sports gear Industry by furnishing high-end products and services.”

  • We aspire to become the most preferred brand for all sports enthusiasts by 2019, we are committed to creating the best technoSavvy Performance shoes.
  • We like to keep beating our own high standards by introducing newer shoe ranges every time.
  • we strive to Boost confidence & harness the hidden potentials of sports professionals, our family members, and partners to make them achieve their Goals.


we have set game plan to be part of revolutionary sports shoe domains, to achieve this we follow the strategy of supreme quality product creation, nurturing innovation, winning customer satisfaction and most important teaming up with highly expert and energetic people.


Vikas Singla
CEO, Balls

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